Rachelle + Michael

Subverting the patriarchy

To say that Rachelle + Michael are your typical Bride and Groom would be selling them short. Way short.
They are the sweetest, kindest, most interesting pair and I am so thrilled that we were invited into their relationship if even just for a time. Rachelle + Michael were mutually engaged while snuggling in their bed (I'm assuming next to their cat Pumpkin). Rachelle promptly got up and grabbed the twine and made them some engagement rings.
They are equals at their cores. From, the card Rachelle bought Michael that read endearingly "To my beautiful wife", to them entering the ceremony hand in hand in front of their friends and family. There is no hierarchy, only shared love and devotion.

Personal favorite moment: The super sweet gift exchange they shared after having their first look. Spoiler alert, they are better gift givers than you are.

I think you'd be hard-pressed to think of a time where you had more fun at brunch than we did at Rachelle + Michael's Sunday brunch wedding.

Venue: Berkley Field House
Florist: Patchouli Design