Lauren + Kyle : Devil's Punchbowl

One of our favourite things to do for engagements shoots is to head off exploring. From waterfront trails to city rooftops and anywhere in between. Not only is the experience fun as all get out, not only does it lead to some fantastic adventure candids, but it really gives us a chance to get to know the coupe in a way that sitting in a coffee shop never quite can. We get to bond over a shared experience that is new for everyone involved. If time weren’t an issue we’d probably head out on a canoe trip with each of our couples, but that just isn’t realistic! Meet Lauren + Kyle; the couple who’s very strict engagement shoot requirements were as followed: outdoors and maybe a barn if that’s not too much to ask.

Needless to say this sounded like our kind of couple. Zach and I head out a few days early for some escarpment exploration and decided that it would be a great engagement shoot location, we even stumbled upon 2 great barns.

You’d probably be surprised to hear that Lauren and Kyle have been together just shy of 7 years and met working at a metro while in high school. If you don’t think that’s awesome, well that’s just too bad for you.

They are as kind and genuine as they come.

As a side note they were considering scalping some Dixie Chicks tickets after our shoot they didn’t end up doing it.


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