Christine + Mark

Meeting up with Christine and Mark for the first time felt more like getting together with friends than it did meeting with clients. We sipped on latte's and ate blueberry scones and talked about life and travel how and how they ended up living in the UK and planning a wedding (a second wedding) in Toronto.
They shared all the details that they had planned for their wedding, which included holding the reception at the gorgeous Steam Whistle Brewery in the heart of downtown Toronto. With the help of the wedding planner extraordinaire Rebecca Chan we knew this was going to be a stunning event. 

However, it wasn't the wedding itself we were most excited for; It was getting to know Christine and Mark and capturing the essence of who they are.

It was obvious right from the beginning. The way they interacted with one another, the way they laughed at each other's jokes and listened while the other talked. They are truly best friends.


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