Brock + Robyn: Toronto Engagement (beach, rooftops and hot dogs)

When Jesse and I met up with Brock and Robyn last week, we didn't have a concrete plan of where we were going to shoot. We decided we would meet at Ashbridges Bay park and go from there! Jesse and I decided we would bike there beforehand to 1) be active and 2) to find some nice spots to shoot. After we met up and shot for awhile we began brain storming. And voila... I asked them if they were familiar with a particular Hotel that may have easy rooftop access 20 stories above the streets. They seemed into it. So off we went, and headed up our way. Needless to say the view up there is awesome. There is a chance that we were spotted by security and were kindly asked to leave. After all the excitement and with adrenaline pumping we had all built up quite an appetite. So we found a gourmet hot dog restaurant and finished our evening there. Here are a few images from their engagement session last week. Keep your eye open for their wedding on the blog next year!

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