Bonnie + Steven : From Saudi to Calgary

I remember shooting Bonnie and Steven's engagement photos last spring. At one point on the shoot they were going to change outfits and Bonnie realized that she had forgotten her jeans at home. We decided to make a detour on the shoot and meet up with someone so that Bonnie could pick them up. While sitting in the car with Steve we got to talking about how Steve and Bonnie met. While I won't spoil the story for you (I'll let the film do that) I can tell you that while sitting in the car, hearing this story, I knew that we had teamed up with a really great couple. Bonnie and Steven genuinely care about each other and it shows. They are living proof that long distance relationships can not only work but thrive. After having spent a significant amount of time living thousands of kilometers apart, both while dating and through engagement it really is exciting watching them come together in marriage.